In the previous set of posts, we explored what it meant to be.  I highlighted two aspects of being: Be as a command used to invoke self-remembering and Be as an emotional reverberation used to amplify that command.
Charles responded by raising the need of having sufficient fuel:
“When I remove or disallow imagination, negativity, and identification… then what is left is the same fuel that, when ignited by the spark Be, combusts into the mystical Higher Self.”

John responded by recalling Gurdjieff’s analogy of a household in disorder.

Since waste was a common theme in both responses, I would like to dedicate the next series of posts to stopping energy leaks.

Gurdjieff on Energy

“We come to the conclusion that we must ‘remember ourselves.’ But we can ‘remember ourselves’ only if we have in us the energy for ‘self-remembering.’” ~ George Gurdjieff, from In Search of the Miraculous
According to Gurdjieff, there is enough energy in the human organism for self-remembering without needing to change anything. However, this energy leaks in the form of unconscious manifestations. These leaks manifest differently in different people, and the path of self-development begins with infant-steps of self-study: learning to see the leaks peculiar to oneself.
For one person this may be negative emotions, for another it may be unnecessary talk, and for a third excessive physical haste.
And here the work becomes mystically enigmatic: for in order to remember himself man must stop these leaks, and in order to stop these leaks man must remember himself.
In this spirit, I invite my writers to dedicate their next post to this mystical enigma as it manifests in their personal work: What unconscious manifestation do you consider to be your chief leak? When did you first observe it? How have you learned to minimize that leak?
“We want to ‘do,’ but in everything we do we are tied and limited by the amount of energy produced by our organism. Every function, every state, every action, every thought, every emotion, requires a certain definite energy, a certain definite substance.” ~ George Gurdjieff from In Search of the Miraculous