The documentary Seeker of Truth was undertaken with the understanding that a school must give back. It must harness the talent and resources of its members to form an expression that can outlast them.

Accordingly, the documentary was carried out by members of BePeriod. The script was written by founder of BePeriod, Asaf Braverman. The project was produced by Evgueni Zabourdaev. Graphic effects were executed by Alina Dugarova. Music was composed by Hannah Keildson, and performed and recorded by Maria Mokhova. Professional voice actors were hired to read quotations of Gurdjieff and his students. The voices were chosen either based on original recordings of the respective authors, or approximations. Images were accessed online, or from the Library of Congress with the help of Kathleen Pearce, and featured in accordance with the rule of fair use. Arjun Ramakumar helped design the website. Cristian Ungureanu helped outline its structure. Ilia Maisuradze helped implement the design. Numerous people helped contribute financially to fund this project. Several students helped and continue helping proofread and translate.

In 2022/24, BePeriod will be creating a full-length documentary on George Gurdjieff

George Gurdjieff
Part I:
Gurdjieff on the Three Brains
Part II:
Gurdjieff on the Three Brains
Part III:
Gurdjieff on the Three Brains
Part IV:
Esotericism shown in a Tibetan Mandala
Part V:
Fourth Way