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Gurdjieff on Liberation Part 2 – Resolution

Novelty awakens us. Peter Ouspensky verified this in his first experiments with self-remembering. He realized that he had occasionally remembered himself throughout his life, but unknowingly, infrequently and unintentionally…

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Gurdjieff on Liberation Part 1 – Realization

Gurdjieff likened awakening to escaping from prison. The prison is man’s own sleep, and the primary force that keeps him locked up is that he is oblivious of his own captivity. As long as man enjoys the chains and fetters that bind him, as long as he holds in high regard the very traits that prevent him from awakening, he can never escape…

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Gurdjieff on Stopping Leaks

Since waste was a common theme in the two previous posts, I would like to dedicate the next series of posts to stopping energy leaks…

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Gurdjieff on Being

Man’s incompleteness was a recurring theme in Gurdjieff’s teaching. “Our starting point is that man does not know himself, that he is not,” he used to say, stressing that undeveloped man utilized only a fraction of his capacities and powers. In the coming series of posts, we will explore what it means, to be…

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Meeting Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way – Asaf

I had put my hopes in the realm of psychology. If only I could better understand myself—I thought—I might understand everything else. Philosophy seemed too theoretical, science and metaphysics too impractical, mainstream spirituality too wishful.

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