September 2020

The labor of September is grape harvest. Grapes represent emotions, and as grapes can be refined into wine, so too can our emotional center be refined from yielding coarse emotions to profound emotions. We began September with exploring efforts that make us more emotional. This naturally led us to explore the subject of negative emotions. A key point from the workshop was that most every negative emotion we experience is based upon imagination. We talked about how art can act as a mirror, how it can elicit emotion, and we explored some of the deeper meanings contained in works of art. Our third workshop used one particular work of art that portrays four steps of negativity. In the ensuing week, our practical work was to observe these steps in ourselves, and apply the latter two steps for struggling with our own negativity. Our final workshop of the month was dedicated to observing our automatic reaction to our own sleep. How to resist self-judgment when we realize we’ve been asleep, and instead use this realization for self remembering?

As soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that he is awake or is awakening.