October 2020

The labor of October is grape barreling. Grapes symbolize emotions. In the week preceding October, we engaged in a practical exercise aimed at maintaining inner wakefulness. We verified that as a merely intellectual endeavor, achieving this (or any) aim was virtually impossible; realization requires emotional investment. As with any capital, to invest, one has to have an idea of how to collect and control emotion. Prior to our second workshop, our practical work was to listen to an assigned musical piece and watch our resultant emotional responses. We also explored the idea of generating higher emotions while in the midst of the mechanical negative emotions which typify much of our emotional life. The topic of our third workshop was dissolving buffers. In part, a buffer is a psychological blind-spot that allows us to act or think or feel in many contradictory ways without suffering perpetual psychic dissonance. To conclude the month, the final workshop was opened up for a question and answer meeting.

There is no attention in people. You must aim to acquire this. Self-observation is only possible after acquiring attention. Start with small things.