March 2020

March shows our farmer pruning his vine. Pruning symbolizes plugging leaks. The first March workshop focused on the leak of attention. We observed how we habitually waste our attention on insignificant things and set the stage for curbing this waste. In our second March workshop, students shared various ways by which lack of focus dissipates energy, and how to prune this waste. March’s third workshop evolved around the unfolding global pandemic. Our susceptibility to negative emotions is more pronounced. We spoke about how to focus our attention, aiming to catch the first thought or impulse that subsequently led us into daydreaming, negativity, or any similar unconscious behavior. The fourth workshop focused on transforming the uncertainty of the current world situation. During the last week of March, the entire school experimented with an exercise of taking in one impression after another of our immediate environment in intervals of a breath, as a way of curbing the waste of attention. We concluded the month by discussing our experiences with this exercise.

Energy is wasted on the ‘interest’ continually taken in things happening around us or to other people and having in fact no interest whatever; on the constant waste of the force of ‘attention’…