January 2020

With the new year, January presents the opportunity to enrich the soils of our inner landscape with the fruits of our past labors. It invites us to redefine our objective for the coming season. In the first workshop of the year, students were asked to formulate a personal and meaningful aim for their work; in the second workshop, we discussed our aims in an effort to translate them into concise and meaningful efforts. Our third meeting focused on conscience, that is, on being able to hear and abide by the voice of our aim. We enriched the theory by coupling it with a practical group exercise for the following week. In our final January workshop, we shared observations and insights related to the group exercise, and further clarified the purpose of establishing an aim.

Aim. Always have an immediate aim. This is your objective. You must achieve this. There are many zigzags on the way. Do not delay. Always see the aim. Know where you are going and you will find the means to get there.