February 2020

February’s Labor sees the farmer warming himself before a well-stoked fire. Just so, we aspire to stoke the fire of Consciousness through our self observation, which was the topic of our first workshop of the month. In the days following, our practical study of self observation carried an emphasis on a different aspect, or center, of our inner landscape each day throughout the week. In our second and third workshops, we examined how this teaching categorizes our vast psychology to frame it in smaller, more workable bits. Our final workshop of February was a discussion regarding how one’s body, one’s emotions, and one’s thinking are all interrelated, sometimes mechanically, sometimes feverishly, and other times very precisely guiding our interactions with the world around us. The aim of this concluding workshop was to define what we can do to observe and glean some understanding from the multifaceted dimensions of this being we call “I.”

Self observation is not sufficient by itself. By self-observation one cannot establish the most important divisions in oneself, divisions both horizontal and vertical, for there are many different divisions…