April 2020

Our intellectual efforts can only take us to a very limited plateau; we need an emotional coupling with the intellect to reach more meaningful realizations. In the first April workshop, we addressed how to perceive from the emotional center. Much of our life is spent in routines accomplished mechanically, with but the barest of attention. Our second workshop provided the necessary framework whereby routine can become ritual. Students detected seemingly mundane day to day examples, such as washing one’s hands, and set the aim to give an extra effort of consciousness to these activities throughout the following week. In the third workshop we discussed some of the results of our practical exercise, structured around the theme of effort and payment. We explored what the implications of our personal valuations are to our inner work and how valuation impacts our behavior. The final workshop of the month was a question and answer session.

“Things repeat in one life, so just remembering how things happened yesterday you can avoid certain things to-morrow. Everyone lives in a certain closed circle of happenings—to one person one kind of things happen, to another person another kind. You must know your own types of happenings, and when you know them, you can avoid many things.”