Foundation – Maria

Maria Arapostathi, Athens
Gurdjieff - Foundation

We have surely all concluded, that in life, efforts have no real substance, except for serving the purposes of life itself, as the ones that refer to our survival on this planet, and which, of course, are legitimate. The rest of them, come, issued by our fantasies: what we think or not think we like, or, what we think it is right or not. Such fantasies comprise our lives of false personality, including things as vanity, imagination and identifications. Consequently, it is like making efforts which go straight into the hole of Utopia (a strong word to fit situations like these), to a place non existent, where nor do we exist, despite the fact that externally looks like being real, containing real and successful situations.

It happens though, rarely, some efforts to be motivated by our true personality, if we are lucky to have created one. Finer energies then penetrate us (hydrogens) which feed our internal, deep part. My true personality then had some real understandings and I was helped to become truer to myself, to my friends, and situations, from much purer motives. Things that consisted my motives before, as fear, or reputation, or what people would say (inner considering), did not interfere so much hence with my actions.

For every result there is a certain method. Different methods have different results. If you have a block of wood, you have to deal with it in a different way from dealing with a sick man. – P.D. Ouspensky, The Fourth Way, p. 328

The kind of efforts mentioned above, are right efforts and issue from the real part in us. It is needful to be sustained by our wish to evolve. Also, they don’t come alone; come along with side efforts—-as the study of higher ideas to give us right direction, efforts for understanding the ideas, efforts to put and accomplish aims followed by actions, and all these accompanied with our trust to the help of Influence C.

Q. Is then motive less important than we think?
A. It does not determine the action. You may have one kind of aim, but your action may be of a different kind. This happens very often. People start doing something with a cetain aim in view, but their actions are such that not even by accident can this aim be ever attained. It is necessary to co-ordinate aim with action, otherwise you will never attain what you want.  – P.D. Ouspensky, The Fourth Way, p. 326

It had been a period back, maybe four years ago, that surely I was doing wrong efforts in relation to be aware of myself and others in family situations that arose. I noticed much later that I made efforts only in pleasant, cheerful cases and the ones that fed my Imaginary “I”, and I buffered all the rest. I was in a state of a glorious sleep! When bigger shocks started coming to me, like deaths in the family and various others, I became aware of my state and had a beneficiary understanding: if I would try to be aware of where I was internally, to really feel my existence in those difficult situations and made the big efforts that were demanded, then I would have the benefit of dealing with the rest of situations that would come, with much easier efforts. With this understanding I felt like I passed through a hole out: moreover, I thought, wasn’t it that all these given situations as an opportunity of help from Influence C? And the efforts were accomplished.

“…Influence C cannot be wasted. B influence is practically unlimited; that means, thrown into life, and one can take it or not take it; it does not diminish. But, C influence is limited. Answer the question why C influence is limited and then you will understand why the possibility of receiving C influence must be limited. Because if one does not make use of it, what is the use of wasting it?” – Peter Ouspensky, A Further Record